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Furch G20CM-C

[Furch G20CM-C]


This G20CM-C is a Grand Auditorium size guitar from Furch's Millenium line. It's got the bare-bones level of appointments, but the sound is anything but bare-bones. The Cedar top and Mahogany back and sides give it a rich, warm tone, and the cutaway lets you access the high notes.

High quality Gig Bag included


[Furch G20CM-C Headstock Rear]
Furch G20CM-C Headstock Rear
[Furch G20CM-C Heel]
Furch G20CM-C Heel
[Furch G20CM-C Soundhole]
Furch G20CM-C Soundhole
[Furch G20CM-C Bridge]
Furch G20CM-C Bridge
[Furch G20CM-C Headstock Front]
Furch G20CM-C Headstock Front
[Furch G20CM-C Full Rear]
Furch G20CM-C Full Rear
[Furch G20CM-C Full Front]
Furch G20CM-C Full Front